Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Rubber Training Paintballs | Rubber Practice Paintballs

The Rubber Training Paintball is ideal for paintball practice and combat training exercises.

Rubber Training Paintballs for Paintball Practice and Training
Rubber Training Paintballs
Rubber Training Paintballs are ideal for
  • Paintball Teams
  • Paintball Target Practice
  • Military Units
  • Police and Sheriff Departments 
Rubber Training Paintballs are reusable (can be shot over and over) & create no mess (contains no messy paint) plus they come in 2 sizes (68 cal and 50 cal)

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Rubber Training Paintball Demo 

Rubber Paintball Video Demonstration

In This Video We demonstrate

  • just how accurate rubber paintballs are

  • just how straight shooting rubber paintballs are

  • just how fast rubber paintballs load

This is just a simple and straight forward of Video Demonstration of Rubber Paintballs

Rubber Training Paintballs - 50 Caliber

50 Cal Rubber Training Paintballs 200 Pack
Rubber Training Paintballs 50 Cal 200 Pack
Rubber Training Paintballs is a cheap way to start playing Low Impact Paintball.

50 Cal Rubber Training Paintballs are
  • Contains No Nasty Paint
  • Work with all Low Impact Paintball Guns
  • Work Great for Paintball Target Practice
  • Will Cause Less Bruising and Pain 
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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Rubber Paintballs - Low Impact Paintballs

If you need Rubber Paintballs that are a genuine 50 Caliber Low Impact Paintball for Family Entertainment Centers, Roller Rinks or Soccer Centers...


We can help you get started in the Low Impact Paintball Game using Rubber Paintballs that create no messy cleanup.


Sure Shots gives discounts to Family Entertainment Centers.


Of course, We sell small size packs of  Rubber Paintballs for Individual Paintball Player use


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Rubber Paintballs | 200 Low Impact Rubber Paintballs

200 Low Impact Rubber Paintballs

Sure Shots Rubber Paintballs are Low Impact and are package 200 Rubber Paintballs per pack


There paintballs are rubber, 50 caliber and create No Paintball Mess.


Will shoot with all or any 50 Cal paintball gun.


Take a look at the pricing, these rubber paintballs will save you money

Paintball Target

Rubber Painballs

Sure Shots has been manufacturing and distributing Rubber Paintballs worldwide since 1996.

We specialize in Rubber Paintballs that are Low Impact and Shoot Straight and True

We distribute both 50 Caliber Low Impact Rubber Paintballs and 68 Caliber Standard Rubber Paintballs

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